sailing and keeping fit

5 ways being boat owners has kept us fit

In a modern world boats have become an outlet to get away from the busy hectic life. Yachting for many has become a way to sail away from the troubles of their life to get a piece of mind.

Sailing, yachting or boating is a fun time enjoyed by people of all ages. It is also a way of entertainment that provides exciting openings for self-discovery. Once considered the sport of the wealthy, the advances in boat making and cheap sailing equipment outlets has opened up yachting to the people of modest means.

Boating activities not only provide fun but also are a great means which help in keeping a person fit. It is proved scientifically that boaters are more satisfied in key areas of their life compared to non-boaters. Boaters were rated high in the areas of physical fitness, overall health and even in love life. Continue reading “5 ways being boat owners has kept us fit”

Elegant Yachts in the UK

How To Get A Full Time Job On A Yacht

Acquiring a job on a yacht can be a lot easier than you believe. It can require no previous motor boat or sailing experience in addition to always prospects for individuals involving the ages connected with 18 and also 25 who sadly are available to vacation. Being a yachtie is a special opportunity. It’s not necessarily like any additional job.


Doing a full time job or even part time work on a sailing boat, motor boat or yacht provides an renowned, exciting, and quite often magnificent standard of living – if you can get the job. Salaries commence at £25, 000 together with free room in your home and table. Continue reading “How To Get A Full Time Job On A Yacht”